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The info on these pages is old. The best way to keep up with the updates and details is on the mailing list or other more up-to-date sites such as Morgan's or Maff's Definitive Tree Site.


The Tangerine Tree project is a collaborative effort by fans and members of the tadream mailing list to remaster and distribute live TD music. We get the best of the best fan recordings and apply the most modern remastering technologies with amazing results. Our purpose is to evangelize Tangerine Dream and bring in new Tangerine Dream fans, as well as help old fans rediscover TD. We operate under the tacit approval of Tangerine Dream and TDI music under the conditions that it is expressly not for profit (see below). Out of respect for TD, we will enforce adherence to the rules set forth.

If you have broadband internet and a CD burner, see our FTP instructions to download the Trees much faster than you could conduct a postal-based trade.

  • TDI took note of the quality and popularity of the Tangerine Tree Project product, and began releasing them officially through Sanctuary Records. The first set, entitled 'Bootleg Box 1' and others are available from Groove Unlimited.

    While TDI used the bootleg versions as base material for the Sanctuary BBox, There are differences between our fan-produced project versions and thw Sanctuary version. Many current Tadream List members who already posses the Trees have expressed their eagerness to get the official BBox, not only for the following benefits, but to help the band financially. We encourage you to do so, as well.
    • The BBox CDs are made with commercial-grade CD stock, on professional-grade production equipment - not copied to CDR in someone's basement. Therefore Sanctuary's BBox CDs should last longer, and be much less likely to have errors.
    • Jerome Froese has applied TDI's special DQC Mastering System to enhance overall sound quality.

  • The Premier Rule, and the one that will be most vigorously enforced: this entire effort is to be conducted on a non-profit basis only. This includes the effort and time that you put into the process. This is all a friendly, emphatically non-commercial thing between fans, and if you are not willing to donate your time and effort into the process then you shouldn't participate. This rule precludes the sale of this work for money in perpetutity. Note that if you try to sell anything produced in this tree effort on or by any other means, we will cooperate fully with TDI to pursue, prosecute and litigate to the fullest extent possible. We will be watching out for this, and many of our members are in ebay searching for TD stuff all the time, so you will likely get caught! Now that that's out of the way, let's have fun:
  • A tree consists of branches and leaves. Branches can make copies; Leaves just receive.

NOTE: TT4 signup is officially closed, and distribution is underway. To obtain a copy, please contact someone on the participant's list, or ask someone to contact you OFFLIST on tadream.

There may be as many as 15 disks per set. Please do not volunteer to branch unless you can turn copies for your recipients around quickly.

   Indicate the following in your e-mail:

    • your name
    • your e-mail
    • your location
    • leaf or branch?
    • if branch, then how many leaves will you support?
    • which format(s)? (see FORMAT section)

  • Note also that we are in release volume 4 of the Tree currently. If you cannot obtain the older volume version SHN files via download, or prefer to trade directly with someone, you may contact a participant of a former volume directly through the Participant's List links above.

(Note that this is a completely separate tree project than Dreamwatchers' Tales - Fable II - Visions of the Watchgirl)