Sony Rave with Tangerine Dream
April 22, 1998

Web2: voila scribe.
RaveHost: welcome scribe, bienvenue.

Web2: testing...

jupe: buenas noches , good night

RaveHost: should be quiet for another 20 minutes or so

Webby: pretty colors...

Web2: everything's set. be back in a few. Rave starts in 15:45

RaveHost: great

Web2: BTW, RH - is the alert banner ready?

Sean-Montgomery: Hello all

Sean-Montgomery: I imagine that it's going to get pretty crowded in here in just a few minutes

RaveHost: it should

Sean-Montgomery: But wait...there are already 51 users on

Sean-Montgomery: Will it cut off at 59?

RaveHost: I don't think so.

RaveHost: The server can hold 1000

Sean-Montgomery: Eeek

Sean-Montgomery: Well then

Sean-Montgomery: It will be *total* chaos in here!

Sean-Montgomery: I can hardly wait for the first 'Keep' question

Sean-Montgomery: Gabor!

Gabor: Hi all!

Sean-Montgomery: Steven....Feldman?

jupe: Hi from Spain

Sean-Montgomery: The mailing list gang is all here

Sean-Montgomery: or soon will be

Webby: Hi jupe! Buenos noches!

Sean-Montgomery: I just spent an hour trying to install RealVideo...what a pain!

edson: so, where are the drinks?

edson: i was promised a martini...

Sean-Montgomery: This chat will be running independently of the video screening, right?

* RaveHost pours edson a virtual martini *

RaveHost: It's very dry.

jupe: Hi all

edson: lol

RaveHost: Sean: Yes.

Sean-Montgomery: (in best Mr. Burns voice) exxxxxxcellent

Sean-Montgomery: Geez, what time is it in Berlin....2 in the moring?

RaveHost: yup!

Sean-Montgomery: Ya bunch of night owls

DAVENTURA: Hello everyone

Sean-Montgomery: Now *there's* a familiar name

RaveHost: How many people are using the java applet?

Sean-Montgomery: I'm using the applet

babygirl: ME

DAVENTURA: My little screen is sooo small

edson: me too

edson: i agree...the screen is way too small...

Rick: hello from smogy L.A.

odyssey: Hi!

RaveHost: if you buy the video you can see it big!

MD: Hi all

Secur: Hiya

DAVENTURA: Can I access scifi through AOL and mIRC

Sean-Montgomery: The video won't be out in Canada until next week...or so I was told at the video store

odyssey: Who of you have seen the video?

jowers: Got it, love it!

edson: Babygirl...are you old enough to drink...?...

DrSax: Is There4 anybody out there?

DAVENTURA: Ravehost...thru AOL's server?

Sean-Montgomery: Yowsa, it's getting crowded

DrSax: Has the Rave started yet?

Agent3D: Hello all...

DrSax: Hey'a Agent

babygirl: NO....

odyssey: Dear Ravehost - are you moderating?

Sean-Montgomery: I feel like one of those abductees in the X-Files, waiting in a field to be picked up by the mothership

Marvello: nice to see you again ,babygirl

Mike1: What is this rave?

jowers: Am I getting through

babygirl: thanks!

DrSax: MikeL; It's a Chat with Tangerine Dream

Agent3D: funny you should say that, i usually chat at yahoo, x-files room

Marvello: yes i see you

odyssey: It's about Tangerine Dream's music for the computer animation video "Luminous Visions".

Buc: hi all!

RaveHost: With streaming video from Luminous Visions, if you're using our applet.

Webby: mine's running...

* Mike1 likes Kate Winslet raves..... *

RaveHost: Welcome Tangerine Dream!

jowers: mine too

Webby: pretty...

RedBaron: I just came to watch the video..

GlennR: DAVENTURA, I take it we're going to see a lot of KEEP questions, huh?

DrSax: Yahoo!

Mike1: BRB.

Agent3D: Hello Edgar & Jerome...

Mini-MOOG: Hello!!

DrSax: How can this be a Rave with no...

Sean-Montgomery: No Keep questions! Hee hee!

Tadream: Edgar & Jerome on Hi folks,

Tadream: here we are..... Edgar & Jerome.....first thing here is a trivia to all!!!!!

Tadream: Question: Which are the two key words hidden within "Goblins Club" lettering?

edson: oh, h ow cool...i'm getting streaming video..!!!

DAVENTURA: Welcome to Edgar and Jerome

Sean-Montgomery: You's an anagram?

babygirl: COOL!!!

Mike1: Hey Mike1, Welome to #rave.

Webby: Cool!

Mike1: Hey mowog, Welome to #rave.

Mike1: Hey Dell, Welome to #rave.

Tadream: to sean: YES

Mike1: SOUND movi5.mid

DrSax: Welcome Edgar and Jerome

Sean-Montgomery: Did you guys get the list of anagrams for 'Tangerine Dream' that I e-mailed to the office?

* RaveHost advises everyone to feel free to get up and dance. *

Mike1: See ya Mike1!!!!! Come back soon!!!

DAVENTURA: Do we have to post questions or just type them here

RaveHost: Right now, the chat is unmoderated.

DrSax: I would like to get the anagram list.


Tadream: To Sean: we certainly did. Thanx.

babygirl: Type away

edson: *i am dancing already with a martini in my hand...

RaveHost: Please don't all rush Edgar and Jerome at once - it's 2am where they are!

odyssey: Hi Edgar & Jerome!

babygirl: hey ed, where's the bar?

DAVENTURA: Is there a US tour planned and when?

jupe: in Spain too

DrSax: So, Edgar and Jerome. How was it working on this video.?

edson: RaveHost...please send a drink to's on me..

GlennR: Edgar, how about some information on the upcoming boat load of TDI releases?

Rick: hey guys, start the coffe pot

DrSax: Did you do tyhe music first or after?

Tadream: To Daventura: We're working on it.

babygirl: Thanks ed....a Shirly Temple

DrSax: Absolute and Cranberry here.

Sean-Montgomery: Goblin's Club....cull big snob

Tadream: test

RaveHost: TADream: Can you tell us a little bit about the video we're all watching (Luminous Visions) and your part in putting it together?

DAVENTURA: Cool.. I got an answer

Agent3D: scull gibbon?

Sean-Montgomery: CBS Boil lung

Mini-MOOG: Edgar: are you going to ever go back and use some of your older instruments?

Gabor: TD, where are you currently?

RaveHost: We're going to go moderated for a little while,

babygirl: Germany, right?

RaveHost: in order to insure TADream can get to all the questions.

RaveHost: send your questions to me, (/msg moderator)

Lilly: Hi!

Tadream: To Mini MOOG: An artist don't look back

Rick: dear edgar and jerome - will you be using any of this video in your upcoming North American Tour?

RaveHost: ok, we're moderated

RaveHost: TADream, can you speak?

RaveHost: (please send your questions to me, not "moderator)

RaveHost: (sorry, old habit)

RaveHost: (/msg RaveHost)

Tadream: To Rick: We'll use 'Luminous Visions', that's IF we tour

RaveHost: Can you tell us a little bit about the video we're all watching (Luminous Visions) and your part in putting it together?

Tadream: We just loved it and had to do something with it. Hope Ya'll like it

RaveHost: <DAVENTURA> to <RaveHost>: Do you remember playing Ventura in 92?

RaveHost: <DAVENTURA> to <RaveHost>: Did you like the venue?

RaveHost: (/msg RaveHost with questions for Tangerine Dream)

Tadream: To Daventura: We'll never forget it. Great atmosphere.

RaveHost: <Sean-Montgomery> to <RaveHost>: Will the upcoming TDI release of Quinoa have have material that wasn't on the Fan Club release?

Tadream: To Sean: Yeah, some exclusive material, including "Voxel Ux"

RaveHost: <edson> to <RaveHost>: what's the process for writing the music for a video such as Luminous Visions? do you stare at the video and then write the music score?

Tadream: That's pretty much it, we're afraid

RaveHost: <Mini-MOOG> to <RaveHost>: The video is beautiful

RaveHost: (Newcomers - welcome to the rave! /msg RaveHost with questions for Tangerine Dream)

RaveHost: <Prisoner> to <RaveHost>: If you guys do tour is there any chance you'll hit some mid west venues?

Tadream: We're just getting warmed up, keep firing away...

RaveHost: (midwest US, I assume)

Tadream: To Prisoner: It's a matter of the superabundant coincidences, in other words: maybe

RaveHost: <Quarlie> to <RaveHost>: I'd like to ask what Edgar and Jerome think of the "Tangerine Ambience" tribute album being published by Hypnotic.

Tadream: To Quarlie: Sorry, but we aren't allowed to use four letter words here

RaveHost: <Agent3D> to <RaveHost>: Hiyas! Who or what do you listen to when not working on TD material?

RaveHost: The video is streaming now for those of you using our special "rave" applet

RaveHost: at

Tadream: To Agent3D: Mostly Lefty Frizzell, George Jones, Townes Van Zandt, Hank Williams, etc.

RaveHost: <jowers> to <RaveHost>: what additional equipment was used to do Visions and DreamMixes? (Synths, Drum Machines)

Tadream: Everything but industry modules and half-baked shit

RaveHost: <GlennR> to <RaveHost>: Are you going to do a biographical video for your fans with concert cuts, studio and personal clips, along the lines of what Joe Satriani and others have done? We'd really like to see how you do things.

RaveHost: (the rave will go unmoderated a little later...)

Tadream: To GlennFi: We're actually already working on it, should be out towards end of the year

RaveHost: (so party quietly for now ;)

RaveHost: <Webby> to <RaveHost>: Have you done any work with music generated by computer algorithm?

Tadream: To Webby: Good question. This is what we're aiming at, but can't tell more about right now.

RaveHost: <mowog> to <RaveHost>: Tell Them I'm 52 and can't wait forever for a US tour Please Guys!!

Tadream: To Mowog: Edgar's even older than you, my boy. And he can't wait either (Jerome)

RaveHost: <edson> to <RaveHost>: how long did it take you to write the score for LV? do you work on more than a project at a time?

Tadream: Approximately 4 weeks. Unfortunately.

RaveHost: <Sean-Montgomery> to <RaveHost>: If Edgar does indeed opt to 'retire' from TD in the coming years, would Jerome carry on with the TD name, and welcome other collaborators?

Tadream: To Sean-Montgomery: Edgar intends to keep working for a while yet. "I guess he'll never stop" (J) :-)

RaveHost: <jowers> to <RaveHost>: In the last Keyboard Magazine interview you mentioned a new way of working with synthesis, has that become a reality?

Tadream: Very much so.

RaveHost: <Fred> to <RaveHost>: RaveHostEdgar and Jerome: You've explored many musical styles in the last 30 years. What's next?

RaveHost: Welcome to the Rave. To send a question to Tangerine Dream, send it as a private message to RaveHost (/msg RaveHost)

Tadream: To Fred: Look into a telescope to see what I can see

RaveHost: <MD> to <RaveHost>: As a relative newcomer to your music, I wonder what gives your music that distinctive TD sound/

Tadream: To MD: It's our complex personalities (you believe that, you believe anything)

RaveHost: <dreamfan> to <RaveHost>: Has a US release date for "The Keep" soundtrack been decided?

Tadream: Only Virgin knows.

RaveHost: <DAVENTURA> to <RaveHost>: Do you do much Websurfing or other computer things not related to the music?

Tadream: To Daventura: Jerome is a game freak, Edgar's a more down to earth online-type

RaveHost: <CRoy> to <RaveHost>: What going on with the Dante project

Tadream: To CRoy: Been working on it for 4 years, won't be out before end of '99, though.

RaveHost: <Mini-MOOG> to <RaveHost>: Will you ever work with Franke and Schmoelling again? Will you ever work with Klaus Schulze?

Tadream: To Mini-MOOG: Franke? No. Schmoelling? No. Schulze? Certainly not.

RaveHost: <Zaranna> to <RaveHost>: Can you tell me the Title for one of your collections that was about National Parks? A friend let me borrow it and I haven't found it since.

Tadream: To Zaranna: "Le Parc" studio lp

RaveHost: <mowog> to <RaveHost>: Are they going to put out long sets in the future I like th 20 minute sets much more than the shorter stuff.

Tadream: To Mowog: It never works out the way you plan it, so you never really know

RaveHost: <DAVENTURA> to <RaveHost>: I've enjoyed Moniques covers and photography, How is she?

Tadream: Fast asleep

RaveHost: <dreamfan> to <RaveHost>: Edgar and Jerome: What is the current relationship between TD and Linda Spa?

RaveHost: (for those who have just joined our rave party...

RaveHost: to ask a question of Tangerine Dream, /msg RaveHost)

Tadream: Still on speaking terms, tea and bisquits, etc.

RaveHost: <odyssey> to <RaveHost>: What animation segment from "Luminous Visions" do you like the best?

Tadream: So many to chose from, but it has to be "Exotica"

RaveHost: <jupe> to <RaveHost>: please, one opinion about the homepages that speak on TD in Internet

Tadream: Love your page, amigo. Hasta la vista.

RaveHost: <GlennR> to <RaveHost>: Are you saying that development on PMU's and E-Balls is on track and could be a reality in a few years?

Tadream: Definitely.

RaveHost: <jowers> to <RaveHost>: What is Jerome's favorite TD album that he DIDN'T play on?

Tadream: "Force Majeure" first and "Thief" second

RaveHost: <Quarlie> to <RaveHost>: Will "Cyclone" and "Force Majeure" be re-reissued?

Tadream: Yep, in the near future (we hope)

RaveHost: <Webby> to <RaveHost>: Have you ever used MAX, the interactive object-oriented computer music language?

Tadream: We're familiar with it, but don't use it

RaveHost: <Sean-Montgomery> to <RaveHost>: I like the photo collages that you've been employing on recent covers...have you been continuing to make visual art all these years?

Tadream: Question from Tadream: Which bastard is responsible for "Electronic Orgy"? We'll get you.

RaveHost: I'll let you know if we get any answers...

RaveHost: <jowers> to <RaveHost>: What is the next thing that is going to be released?

Tadream: To Sean-Montgomery: Since Edgar is a design artist and sculptor, the answer is YES

Tadream: To jowers: The TDI catalogue

RaveHost: Thank you both for taking the time out of the middle of your night to chat with us!

Tadream: You're welcome

RaveHost: And congratulations on Luminous Visions and 30 years of innovative, terrific music.

Tadream: No kidding

RaveHost: We're now going to go unmoderated for the remainder of this rave party.

RaveHost: Visit the site for our next rave party, with more clips from Mind's Eye videos!

Webby: Thank you, Tadream! keep up the great work!

Alucard: ok

edson: thank you guys

Kestra: thanks for chatting with us Tadream.

Alucard: hey Fred

RaveHost: Be sure to check out

DAVENTURA: Only one Keep question Sean

babygirl: That was cool!

MD: Thanks for the chat

Sean-Montgomery: Indeed, I *loved* Dream Mixes, I'm looking forward to seeing the music set to the imagery


Mini-MOOG: Thankyou Guys for expanding my mind...

nimutun: away

DAVENTURA: Did you guys log the chat for posting to the list?

Tadream: Keep expanding, Moogie

Alucard: hey Fred

edson: i need a drink...

RaveHost: A transcript of this chat will be online tomorrow, at

babygirl: Ed, what a booser

Sean-Montgomery: How close is TDI to being a reality? We're hungry for those 25 disks

Tadream: Mine's a Coke

* Alucard tunr in to a bat and flys over to Tadeam *


DAVENTURA: I just love Dolphin Smile...Can't get enough..on repeat over and over

Mini-MOOG: I never needed drugs thanks to you....

GlennR: How soon until we see some of the new music making technology you're developing, Edgar? Are you aligning with a company or starting your own?

marc: That was great, thanks for taking the time.

Kestra: Earl Grey

jupe: edgar , do you remember the TD concert in Bilbao , with the Police in the backstage?

Tadream: To Glenn R: Yes indeed

Azarak: Our introduction to Tangerine Dream was the movie "Thief".

Rick: Is that Jerome on the inside cover of rubycon?

jowers: New Orleans '88 (The true House of the Rising Son)

Sean-Montgomery: This is like watching a pack of wild dogs attack their prey

jowers: that's Sun.....

whazoo: azarak: that was my intro to TD also

Tadream: To jupe: Still can hear the rubber bullets in my nightmares

Azarak: Cool whazoo!!

DAVENTURA: I hope you enjoyed Ventura and will come back next tour...It was a great finale to a fantastic tour

foxman: <foxman> 'm sure someone will post the archive to the list (maybe me!)

marc: I'll narrow it down to soundtracks? Edgar, is there one in particular that you enjoyed working on the concept for the movie?

Tadream: To Daventura: We agree

foxman: <foxman>Gotta be Sorserer!

jowers: I bet it's the KEEP.

dreamfan: Any chance of a US tour this year? Any chance of a Connecticut or Massachusetts appearance?

jowers: :)

DAVENTURA: If I come to Germany, can we have lunch?

marc: We might never know!!

Sean-Montgomery: Oh yes...that was a question from the mailing you have the 40-odd minutes of music from Sorcerer that disn't make it onto the soundtrack?

Tadream: To Marc: "Thief" and "Legend"

odyssey: Jerome: What was it like growing up with TD?

CRoy: any chance to see Td with a symphonic orchestra in the future

marc: Thank you!

Tadream: To Daventura: Is this an invitation?

jowers: Will the music from Streethawk ever be released?

ILove2slide: ok bye


Alucard: hmmmm

Alucard: looks like HELL in here i say

Tadream: To odyssey: I#ve been down so long it looks like up to me

marc: In the inside of the packaging for luminous visions, a little card hints at a North American tour, true?

Hellman: Hellman welcomes all.

Tadream: To jowers: ask universal

DAVENTURA: I would like personally thank you for many years of enjoyable music and live shows, you guys rock.

Quarlie: Tadream, which was the first TD album to use sampled sound?

Tadream: To marc: Yeah

Mini-MOOG: I think it would be great if you guys would do a soundtrack to Fritz Lang's Metropolis... What do you Think?

Tadream: To Quarlie: "Logos" , Emulator 1

hellkeeper: hello

Alucard: hey hellkeeper!

MD: I have to go now, but thanks for the chat. I really admire your involvement with the fans.

Quarlie: Thanks for answering! Your music is the best. I loved the '92 Cleveland performance.

Tadream: To: Mini-MOOG: Fritz is dead.

Sean-Montgomery: Has your unappealing experience with the Orb ruled out future remixes/collaborations?

DAVENTURA: Do you have a favorite contoller (keyborad) and if so, what brand?

Mini-MOOG: I kno That! A new Soundtrack.

hellkeeper: This is a weird video

DAVENTURA: typo..keyboard

Tadream: To Sean-Montgomery: Very unpleasant indeed, so: NO, never again

Tadream: To Daventura: Custom-built

jowers: Do you guys endorse any instruments besides Steinberg?

Tadream: No.

marc: The ever present wife wants to know when is the tour? Since were into spring. Summer?, Fall?, Winter?

DAVENTURA: I'm picturing you in your studio, are you there or in some office?

Sean-Montgomery: I guess you've had some bad experiences dealing with certain keyboard manufacturers....

Tadream: To marc: fall probably

foxman: <foxman> I mixed some of your pieces to Metropolis--wondeful symbiosis!

RaveHost: Thanks, Everybody, for attending this Rave. And thanks to Sony Music Video for sponsoring the party. And especially thanks to Tangerine Dream. Mark your calendars for the next Rave, taking place on Wednesday, May 6 at 8pm ET (two weeks from t


Tadream: To Daventura: Office, being guided by our mentor

Sean-Montgomery: Thanks for the music, TD!

Webby: Thanks for staying up for us!

jowers: Goodnight.

Kestra: yeah thanks

Sean-Montgomery: We may complain, but we still love you

Tadream: Goodnight folks, stay tuned.